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    GeniusPicks Salt Water Lamp

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    Light Up Your Space Using Salt and Water With Our Salt Water Lamp

    The product is equipped with 3 LED lights, LED night light can get as bright as 50 lumens using only salt and water as an energie source. The output current is 100mA, and the power is 0.5W.

    Simple Setup with Regular Household Salt!

    Add approximately 15g of salt to the lamp and fill it with water up to the designated water level line. The lamp is now ready to be used. Regular household salt can also be used, and there are no specific requirements regarding water quality.


    Emergency Lights Fueled by Seawater or Urine - A Reliable Camping Companion!

    In specific situations, incorporating seawater or urine can be utilized to power emergency lights, albeit slightly impacting their brightness. Emergency lights serve as a viable option during camping trips or power outages, providing a reliable backup solution.

     camping light led lantern emergency light

    Your Essential Camping Companion - The Collapsible LED Lamp

    With its collapsible structure, the lamp is as portable as a smartphone and lightweight. It can be effortlessly packed in your backpack or emergency kit for camping or hiking purposes.

    camping light led lantern emergency light 

    Long-Lasting Brilliance: Up to 200 Hours of Intermittent Use, Over 70 Days of Enjoyment!

    The product can be used intermittently for up to 200 hours, allowing it to be functional for over 70 days. Alternatively, keeping it clean and dry ensures its longevity.

    camping light led lantern emergency light

    Instructions for use


    1. Open the top seal of the emergency bag, first dial the power switch to the OFF position, add 15g of salt, add water only the water level line mark.
    2. Press the seal and shake the bag gently to fully allow the salt to dissolve in the water.
    3. Placed two minutes after toggling the switch only ON to turn on the light. Can be turned off at any time.

    What's in the box

    • Salt Water Lamp*1
    • Lanyard*1
    • 15g Salt*2
    • Fine Boxes*1

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    Grab Your Salt Water Lamp Today for a Soothing and Purifying Experience!

    GeniusPicks Salt Water Lamp

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