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    Painless Flair Razor

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    Say Bye To Cuts And Pimples!

    Stop using razors and waxes that damage your skin. Our sensa-light technology and soft materials moisturize your skin without leaving cuts or pimples.

    Stop Shaving Every Other Day!

    It's so annoying when your hair grows back in only 2 days after shaving. That's why we use a micro-oscillation method that softens the hair and slows down regrowth until it's eradicated!


    No More Shaving Irritation!

    Designed in collaboration with dermatologists, Painless Flair Razor removes all hair in just one pass without skin irritation to prevent friction pain.

    Why is Flair Razor better?

    Super Convenient - Effortlessly removes visible body hair anytime, anywhere. Equipped with an improved battery for extended usage and precision blades, it guarantees an easy shave.

    Pain-Free - Activating automatically upon contact with your skin, this is your ticket to painless hair removal on the most sensitive areas. Its unique design ensures it reaches even the most delicate spots effortlessly.

    Portable & Compact - Designed with your on-the-go lifestyle in mind, Smartshavy boasts a compact size ideal for travel or busy routines

    Effective on All Hair Types - Created to tackle both long and short hairs with its two interchangeable heads for a customized experience.

    Painless Flair Razor

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